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6" Flippin' Slug

6" Flippin' Slug

Great for twitching in and around cover. As an unweighted Texas rig, it has a great dying baitfish slow fall. This 6” size is heavy enough to pitch and cast unweighted with baitcasting gear. So, there’s no reason to shy away from the bog mats and bull rushes with this traditionally finesse bait. Get in tight, let it die right in front of the bog mat or edge of the rushes, and hang on.

This bait color is customizable for the top and belly of the bait separately. If a multi-color bait is what you want, choose one color for the top and a different color for the belly. Tip: When an unweighted slug bait is twitched, the belly gives a quick flash. Watch baitfish in the water. When they startle, you’ll see a quick belly flash. Go with a dark top and a light color belly and you’ll imitate a startled baitfish perfectly.
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